Day: January 14, 2023

Understanding Shutter Installations – Stress Free Garage Door Repair

in the installation of the shutter Start by marking out your shutter’s location in the position where the top edge of the shutter is flush with the trim of your window. The shutter’s bottom should be measured to ensure that it lines to the narrowest and most thickest portion of your window rail. When using vinyl shutters, it’s important to leave a space between the trim and the shutter to account for the contractions and expansions which occur when there is a change in temperatures.

Now, set the shutter on a surface that is safe for drilling. It is recommended to drill four mounting holes. There should be one located in each corner of the shutter. These holes should be centered and two inches from the edge in order to protect the shutter during the drilling procedure. Some shutters may need extra mounting holes, depending on their weight and size.

In this case, replace the window shutter with the shutter and drill pilot holes after correctly aligning it to the trim.

For more information about shutter installation, you can refer to the video attached.