Month: June 2013

Staying Informed With RSS Feeds

Many different websites are using RSS feeds. Rich Site Summary or RSS feeds publish information on other websites. The information is constantly changing, and is often from news websites or blogs. There are many RSS feeds such as chrome RSS available, and several of them are free.

Some of the most popular RSS feeds are ones that work well on mobile devices such as smart phones. An RSS reader that works well on a desktop computer may not necessarily be the best android RSS reader. Chrome RSS readers and other RSS readers can be researched in order to find out which ones work the best in different circumstances.

Feeds such as chrome RSS feeds can keep us informed. Breaking news and other up to the minute information is brought to us on some of our favorite websites. Many of the social networking sites have RSS feeds so that the internet users who frequent their websites do not have to go to another website to get their news. With RSS feeds the news can, and does, come to Continue reading “Staying Informed With RSS Feeds”