Your Pets Diet is Important Heres Why – Balanced Living Magazine


The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that 56% of overweight dogs or more 2018 , according to their figures. Though you might believe an overweight pet isn’t a problem, they can have health issues and have a shorter lifespan. Pet nutrition is not just related to weight. Other factors such as skin and food allergies influence the way they eat. It is important to make sure that your dog is eating the correct proteins when it comes to allergic symptoms. It’s difficult to identify the ideal diet for dogs with food allergies. canines. There are numerous options and brands you can pick from. Which is the best dog food to meet your dog’s requirements?

The video below is the Dr. Boehme’s explanation for the diet for life stages. There are divided into three types: puppy food, maintenance food, as well as senior diets. Food for puppies with allergies may differ from adult dog food to treat allergies. Follow the video for more information on the stages of each!