How Brick Sealer Can Waterproof Your Bricks – Outdoor Family Portraits

er damage, however. This video shows how you can utilize brick sealer for concrete bricks in order to waterproof them.

The problem with concrete bricks is that they are very porous. The presence of water and other pollutants can infiltrate bricks and cause the wear and tear to occur within twenty years. Bricks will become discolored and chip easily. It is not a good idea for the materials that are meant to protect your house.

It is recommended to seal the brick prior to its installation. Instead of taking in water and turning discolored, the brick is totally hydrophobic , and water beads away. Its life span is extended as well as your home’s life span will last longer.

Mix the solution for waterproofing into an empty bucket, to seal bricks. Paint bricks using an paint roller or sprayer. This is possible after bricks have been assembled. Be sure to periodically re-administer your remedy to provide the maximum protection possible.

For more information about waterproofing concrete bricks, check out the video in the link above.