Day: September 10, 2013

Need to Find the Best Android RSS Reader?

On July 1, 2013, Google Reader RSS officially died. The company pulled the plug on its popular RSS reader because of declined usage, upsetting many loyal Reader followers. If you are still in mourning, get over yourself. The time has come to pick your new favorite, so why not choose the best RSS feed reader there is?

Firstly, stick to your smartphone. Desktop browsing is fine, but if you can do it in the palm of your hand while lying on the couch, you should. If you are browsing on a Droid, pick the best Android RSS reader you possibly can.

Any mobile app should show you a good feed full of headlines relevant to your life, but the best feed reader will allow you to customize the way it presents this information to you. The best Android RSS reader will give you options adapt itself to the way you want your data delivered to you.

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Seeing a Dentist Can Help To Boost Your Overall Confidence, by Boosting Your Oral Health.

Research and Plan Now so That Your Vacation will be Stress Free! Three Tips

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Hubshout Reviews on Their SEO Reseller Plan

Writing reviews of SEO reselling services is very difficult. First off, everyone has a different definition of SEO. For some, search engine optimization is a technical experience of tuning a website. And for sure, this is part of the deal. But if you consult the Moz Ranking Factors, you will see that on-page SEO is only 20% of what makes a small business website rank on page 1. Offsite SEO is a huge part of what gets a business to the top of page 1.

SEO resellers are in the back-office fulfillment for many digital agencies. The reason for this is that agencies are often too small to be able to complete search engine optimisation work with any efficiency. For this reason, they look to outsource to an SEO reseller. When making these important business decisions, they read reviews.

Reviewing SEO resellers is then, twice as tricky – especially if they are white-labeled. Specifically, a white label service will not have a large brand following. Making things even more complicated, agencies that use a white label SEO service are not likely to want to share this information because they view it as a competitive advantage. For example, why would I write a public review of HubShout when I don’t want the world to know how great their service is.

Firms like HubShout have a serious uphill battle when it comes to public-facing reviews. They have to protect the white labeled nature of their service while trying to support their brand with positive customer service reviews. Tricky.

Luckily, many firms ARE willing to share their story. In fact, the stronger resellers have enough confidence to proudly display customer service reviews, with their company name on them.

Hubshout Reviews on Their SEO Reseller Plan

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Visit Houston Jewelers For Engagement Rings and Gold Bangle Bracelets

LED Lights are Smaller, Cooler, and More Energy Efficient than their Old Glass Counterparts.

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