Need to Find the Best Android RSS Reader?

On July 1, 2013, Google Reader RSS officially died. The company pulled the plug on its popular RSS reader because of declined usage, upsetting many loyal Reader followers. If you are still in mourning, get over yourself. The time has come to pick your new favorite, so why not choose the best RSS feed reader there is?

Firstly, stick to your smartphone. Desktop browsing is fine, but if you can do it in the palm of your hand while lying on the couch, you should. If you are browsing on a Droid, pick the best Android RSS reader you possibly can.

Any mobile app should show you a good feed full of headlines relevant to your life, but the best feed reader will allow you to customize the way it presents this information to you. The best Android RSS reader will give you options adapt itself to the way you want your data delivered to you.

View the most popular RSS feeds right in your hand and get smarter. Seriously, you could learn a new word every day, discover a new song or actually find out what is happening with global politics for once, all using free RSS feeds. Pair that with the best Android RSS reader, and you have a winning combination of technological revelation.

Connectivity is also a factor to consider. Finding an app that allows you to sync your social media profiles so you can share content to them will be a nice feature to rely on. The best Android RSS reader will likely have this feature capability, so look for it when you begin your quest.

The best Android RSS reader will deliver rapidly changing online content to you in an easy-to-use interface. Look for simple, clean-looking home screens that do not get cluttered with headlines or excessive links. When it comes to the presentation of information, nothing can be better than a neat, tidy interface. The best Android RSS reader will have it.