Five of the Most Popular RSS Feeds to Replace Google Reader

Rich site summary (RSS) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works in a standardized format. The Google Reader RSS was by and large the most popular news RSS document, but shut down for good this past July. Not to worry folks, there are still plenty of popular RSS feeds that can still get you that news and blog fix. Here is a quick list of some of the most popular RSS feeds on a variety of providers you should consider checking out.

  1. Feedly
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    Feedly is generally considered to be the most popular RSS feeds since Google Reader went offline. Feedly features a a clean, easy to navigate interface that offers customization. Feedly is also widely available on mobile devices and is perhaps the best Android RSS reader available.

  3. The Old Reader
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    While still in beta, The Old Reader is modeled after the early designs of the Google Reader template, offering many of the same sharing and organization tools. It has the benefit of allowing logins from Google or Facebook, and can import all of your old files Google Reader. It does not have mobile app capabilities yet, and is thus still a Chrome RSS reader only.

  5. Newsvibe
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    Maybe the best RSS feed reader for those that just want to read their favorite sites, Newsvibe eliminates extra social networking features, app integration, and extra clutter. Newsvibe is for those who want a sparse, streamlined layout focusing on content.

  7. NewsBlur
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    NewsBlur was the first RSS alternative to make a splash when the news of Google Reader shutting down hit. NewsBlur models its site after the last layout of Google Reader, with a couple extra bells and whistles. This includes toggling between viewing content on their respective sites, how they are presented in their RSS feeds or as text only documents. Premium users can subscribe to unlimited sites, but will have to pay extra.

  9. Pulse
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    Pulse is the most popular RSS feed for the visual readers among us. Pulse turns articles into a visual and image driven news feed. It also pushes articles it thinks a user will enjoy more to the top of feeds based on personal taste and reading history.