What You Can You Burn in a Fire Pit? – Outdoor Family Portraits

Many options you can cook. There are many ways to cook marshmallows and hotdogs. This is more authentic than the electric fireplace. In this video, you will know what you can’t burn in a fire pit.

Wood is one of the most frequently consumed fuel. This is a good alternative for people with decomposing branches or Trigs. All kinds of wood are suitable for use. The pines that are made from hardwood have particular advantages. It is available at any local retail store. There is also the option of using wood pellets for making your own. Wood bricks are an option. They are less difficult to burn because they have less moisture.

You should also avoid the burning of certain items inside your fireplace. Wood treated by pressure is dangerous to burn. This is because it has been treated with chemicals. Also, plastic releases harmful substances when destroyed. After being burned, even magazines and junk mail may release poisonous chemicals. You should also avoid gasoline. It could cause unpredictability flashes and can make fires unbearable.