Tips for Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery – Prevent Tooth Decay

ost patients heal and resume normal activities between 2 and seven days. This video illustrates that how closely you stick to your dentist’s recommendations following surgery can determine how quickly healing occurs.

Following the removal of wisdom teeth instructions for a quick recovery are organized in a 24- and 48-hour interval. For the first 24 hours there are some dos and dos and don’ts.

Do Bite on gauze 1 hour following the extraction. Do not vomit and be careful of the cough or sneezing. Do not floss, brush or wash your teeth.
Make use of ice packs on the areas that are swelling and also use painkillers for any pain. When you feel numb, can drink a lot of fluids, and highly nutritious meals like pudding and fruit smoothies.

The ability to eat normally can be resumed after 24 hours. Try to avoid foods that have a crunchy texture, but clean your teeth as gentle as you can as well as continue taking antibiotics. Use warm water to rinse your mouth or use the antibacterial rinse. Don’t shift your neck.

If you are experiencing bleeding or pain that’s excessive, consult your dentist right away.