Mens Facial Hair Styles – Andre Blog

classified as non-professional. However, now it is a fashion within the circles. There are so many hairstyles to pick from. What do you know which you should pick? This video will demonstrate how to cut your hair when you next visit the barbershop.

First, there is the Faded Beard. The Faded Beard style sees your beard receding towards the sides. This is stylish, however it can also require lots of maintenance. You will likely have be at the barber at least once per each week.

Shaped Stubble is the next fashion. It requires a high-quality trimmer that is set at 1.3 or 1.5 for this kind of style. It’s considered one of the most stunning fashions that are available.

The Beardstache can be a great alternative. It’s basically shaped Stubble, but you let the mustache grow out. This kind of style has varied results, however it is quite unique if you be able to pull it off.

Bandholz is an excellent choice if you are looking for the longest, most full-grown and long-lasting beard. Even though it takes a full year for the beard to develop, it’s worth the wait. It is gorgeous and will grow up to your neck. It requires very little upkeep.