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The program covers building design including energy modeling, calculation of ventilation, indoor air quality, health and safety practices, as well as maintenance. Students can choose between three different levels of accreditation which include: Certificated Associate (CA), Licensed Professional Engineer (LPE), or Registered Professional Engineer (RPE). Candidates can earn certification as the CA (or LPE) designation at the end of their education.

IAQ Specialist (IAQS Certificate)

The program is focused on teaching students on the basic concepts of indoor environment quality. The program also provides them with hands-on training in HVAC system operating and installing. There are various educational options, including a single year either two or three years in length, or even a complete bachelor’s degree. You can choose to become the Certified Environmental Educator or Certified Indoor Environments Specialist (CIES).

Building Service Professional (BSP) and Certificate

This program prepares individuals to grasp the intricacies of construction, which includes heating, venting as well as ac repairs. Through practical application, students learn the skills needed for passing the exams administered at the NCCER. The students must have a minimum of a high school diploma, or GED or equivalent, and complete the mandatory coursework required to be eligible for the BSP licensure.

Energy Services Professional (ESP).

The curriculum covers fundamental elements and applications of energy-efficient products and methods. Additionally, the program will require candidates to pass the exam conducted by NAHB.

Create a Strong Resume

If you’ve finished your degree You must create a professional resume. A well-written resume functions similar to a great cover letter. Employers must look over your resume to make a decision about how to contact the applicant. Be sure to include the essential information, like the number of volunteer or internship experiences which you have been involved with particular areas of study.