How Do You Access Your News? Do You RSS?

Have you taken the time to research the best RSS feed reader? Do you even know what an RSS reader is? That is a shame. You are really missing out on a convenient and fun aspect of the internet.

RSS feeds are available everywhere. Virtually every website offers their content in RSS format now because it is so simple and so prevalent. In fact, if you create your own blog, there is a good chance that the blog site automatically translates it into RSS format for those hoping to access your content via an RSS reader.

  • Google Reader RSS
  • Your first thought about finding an RSS reader is to just look to see what Google has, right? They create everything else that works amazingly and fluidly with every other aspect of the internet, might as well just get the RSS reader that they have too. Well, I am afraid I am here to crush those dreams.

    Believe it or not, in July of 2013, Google shut down their Google reader. Google claimed that it was tidying up shop and wanted to focus its efforts on things that more people were using. I never got a chance to use the Google reader, but most people claim it to be the best they have ever had. Unfortunately, you will never get to experience it for yourself.

  • Best RSS Feed Reader
  • At this point, the best RSS feed reader can only be determined by you. There are plenty out there, with all sorts of different bells and whistles, and also some that are simple and straight-forward. But the best feed reader is the one that works for you.

    If the layout is not quite what you would like, keep looking. If it does not have all of the features that you want, find one that does. If it is too busy for the simple program that you are looking for, do not settle. There are far too many for you to just decide on one that you are not happy with. You can even decide whether you want to access it in an internet browser, or have it installed directly on your computer.

  • Most Popular RSS Feeds
  • Once you find yourself the best reader, then you need to find all of the best feeds. You can find a few different lists that collect what are the most popular feeds. You can sort by topics and sources. Or you can just go into a search knowing the type of content that you want and subscribe accordingly. It does not matter if a news feed is the most popular, if you do not like news, then you will not like that feed. Take a little time to shop around with feeds as well.

Convinced yet? You can access any of your RSS feeds, every single one, from one individual RSS reader, all at once. Never again do you need to wait for a variety of different sites to load for you. Speed up your internet experience even more than it already is. Find an RSS reader for your feeds.