Hilarious Viral Video Keeps Small Store in Business – Loyalty Driver

onomy. Superstores like Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot dominate the market. Though it’s not easy for small companies, it can be done. An Texas hardware store which supplies limited quantities of hardware has shown that creativity can create a positive impact. This video will show you more details about Wiley Hardware and Supply.

Wiley Hardware and Supply, an Chico hardware store , is in Texas. Since the time it was founded the company is owned by the same family over many generations. The store lost customers to bigger stores, yet they were not willing to quit. The present owner of the shop chose to use social media in order to gain the attention of young customers. The “electric” Hammer he designed vibrates vigorously once it’s hooked up into an outlet. The hammer functions as a regular one, but with a cord that is attached. In the end, he created an entertaining video that demonstrates how to operate the Hammer. This video has been viewed more than 13 million views, and resulted in a rise in business for this small Texas Hardware shop.