Her Justice Provides the Low Income Women of New York City Legal Advice and Representation – NYC Independent Press

Maintain control over their victims and trap their victims in abusive relationships.

Victims of domestic violence as well as others based on gender may receive free legal help from Her Justice. They are assisted by the organization to find their footing concerning their legal status. However, it is first critical that these women get authorization to work within the country as it frees them from having to improve their lives. Among other benefits, they are free to:

Retire from abusive relationships, without having to confront their abusers again. Even when they lose their job They can get unemployment insurance as well as other benefits to help keep them safe. You will enjoy greater stability and more active participation in social world if you’ve got Social Security cards. They are also more likely to attempt to access legal assistance, such as an attorney to represent children.

Through Her Justice, immigrants get help from

A direct representation by a lawyer in the areas of job authorization, social assistance and many other issues. Advocate for changes in the justice system with regards to work authorization . Collaborating together with other organizations who serve immigrants’ communities to increase their capacity for outreach

Her Justice secured legal status for 326 children as well as more than 199 women during 2019. 75 women obtained working authorizations and five women and three children received citizenship. Another 1,189 women with low incomes received immigration information and representation. Clients who receive legal status are able to continue working with Her Justice attorneys to gain recognition for their families.

Justice continues to mentor and train lawyers. Justice continues to mentor and train more than 1500 lawyers each year using the pro-bono model. They assist with legal issues in over 80% of Her Justice’s cases. It isn’t possible to find enough lawyers to cater for the requirements of the women who need. But Her Justice’s making headway in filling this gap. If you’re one of the poorest people Contact us right now.