Basics of Good Dental Website Design – Cleveland Internships

Contribute to the development and maintaining of an office for dental patients. In the video below, we will go over five features of a top dental website.
Website is accessible to All Devices

Each device must function with dental sites, including desktops and laptops as well tablets and smartphones. Customers often look for businesses online using their smartphones. Your website must look stunning and perform on all devices.

All About You

Patients often get to know the dentist through the section “About Us” on a website. It is important to let patients know the person you are as well as let them know who you are as a dental practice.

Consistent Content

Your blog must be up to date with the current content. Your blog will appear as an authoritative source and readers will feel more connected to you.


People usually choose businesses in response to the opinions of others Therefore, make sure that you include positive reviews on your website so you can showcase your customers that you are a good business.

Be involved

The information you provide and accessibility is good, however, you need to get people to actively choose your dentist. Make calls-to-action on every page of your site.

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