Are You Sure You Dont Have Sleep Apnea? – News Articles About Health

They snore due to muscles which open the airway ease. A few people discover that the airway is too narrowed in order to stop enough air from entering the airways. This is known as sleep apnea. When it happens, the brain wakes up , which activates the muscles responsible of keeping an airway wide. Many people are unsure if sleep apnea is a condition they suffer from. What signs can you expect?

The most obvious sign of sleep apnea is loud snoring that is so loud the person who is snoring can wake those in the vicinity of the person asleep.

Another sign of sleep apnea can be fatigue during the day. This is due to interruptions to a person’s sleeping patterns that result in sleep disruption and alter their sleeping patterns. Apnea during sleep may cause choking during the night. This happens when the person briefly stops breathing.

There are people who experience symptoms of dizziness caused by sleep apnea. Why? Why? Because their brains did not receive enough oxygen during their asleep.

Sleep apnea can also cause a sore or dry throat due to the fact that, in an episode, a person must breathe through their mouth.